Bridge Financing Using a Lease Purchase Agreement

The Investor’s Source can help you purchase a property as your primary residence. Though we cannot directly originate a loan that will be owner-occupied, we can use a Lease Purchase structure to allow you to live in, and subsequently purchase, the property as follows:

  1. We will purchase the property and take title in our name.
  2. You will put down an option consideration payment and live in the property under a lease agreement whereby you’ll purchase the property within an agreed-upon period of time. (3 – 24 months typically)
  3. You’ll make a monthly lease payment, similar to making a monthly interest-only loan payment
  4. Once you are able to sell the home you are trying to sell or arrange financing to purchase the home you will then purchase the home and take title in your name.

Lease Purchase arrangements can be a great way to live in and control the ownership of a property while not actually purchasing it until you are ready to.