540 Asbury Place - Loan Flexibility - The Borrowers original intent was to fix and flip this property. The Investor’s Source lent them most of the funds to both purchase and rehab the property. After doing a wonderful job with the rehab, the Borrowers fell in love with the property and decided to switch gears and keep it as a rental. Between rehabbing the property quickly, and the 3-month extension they received at closing, they should have the time they need to refi the property for maximum cash flow.

Akin Ave Fort Collins - Co-Borrowers found a nice little property in Old Town Ft. Collins to fix and flip. They needed funding for the property, rehab and help with the monthly payments as well. Though there wasn’t quite enough room in the deal to lend the full 6-month payment amount, we structured the deal such that we escrowed 3 months of interest payments – to make ½ payments over 6 months. The Borrowers’ income was sufficient to cover the other half-payment. With the peace of mind that came with knowing they would be in good shape to make their payments, the Borrowers did a fast & professional job getting the house rehabbed and it is now listed and ready to be sold.

Weiman - The Borrower needed about $300K cash - fast - for a down payment on a lucrative Denver investment property she had under contract. She already owned 5 rental properties and had good equity in each. She approached a number of hard money and private lenders, many of whom offered to refinace all 5 properties to give her the cash she needed. The only problem with this was that refinancing $1.6M of properties would have been VERY expensive; costing multiple tens of thousands of dollars.  The Investor’s Source was the only lender she contacted who was willing to entertain the idea of doing 2nd loans on each property, thereby funding combined loans of approximately $313K rather than the $1.6M required to refinance all of the existing mortgages. The 5 loans were approved and funded quickly, saving the Borrower a ton of money and allowing her to purchase the property she was thrilled to be able to take down.

Causey – Cash-out bridge loan on primary residence to pay off an HOA lien so property can be sold to Borrower’s son.  The Borrower came to us, in danger of losing his condo to a soon-to-be foreclosing HOA lien. His credit was such that he could not refinance with a traditional bank. The Investor’s Source stepped in and agreed to do a 2nd Deed of Trust loan – behind his mortgage – to pay off the HOA lien and give him a little cash in his pocket. We then just needed to figure out how the loan would be paid off, since a refi was out of the question.  When all else fails…..go to family! The Borrower’s son had excellent credit and agreed, prior to closing, to purchase the house from his father and give his father the time he needed to get his credit repaired, at which time he would buy it back from his father. The sale will be able to pay off both loans. The son’s loan is currently in underwriting with full loan approval expected at any time.   

Hambright - The Borrower came to us owning outright a single-family residence on 80 acres in Mack, CO. He needed cash out to complete the conversion of the warehouse that is on the property into a sellable home. Often times, a rehab loan involves escrow of the rehab funds. Not in this case. Because there was sufficient equity in the property, the Borrower received a check at closing for the full net loan amount. He was quite pleased about this, as well as for the ability to secure a hard money loan in a somewhat remote area of Colorado.

Kirsten – 19th Street - Boulder
Kirsten came to us needing funding for the fix and flip of a good condition, million
dollar plus home in Boulder, CO. The
property is located in a high-end neighborhood in one of the hottest real
estate markets in CO. With a rehab budget of $70K
and mainly cosmetic work required, this shaped up to be a fairly straight-forward
flip. The challenge, however, was the amount of money required to purchase and
fix up the property – over $800K. Since the loan to value could only support a loan
of $650K, some financial creativity was required, in addition to some deep pockets
to fund the loan! Thanks to the willingness of the seller to be flexible with terms,
and his belief in the talents and skills of Kirsten, he agreed to carry a Note, in lieu
of cash, to the tune of $150K, to be paid back upon sale. That, plus The Investor’s
Source coming through with a loan amount of $665K, made the deal work!

Diane – W 16th – Pueblo

Diane came to us wanting to fix and flip a fair condition property in Pueblo. Due
to this being her first flip and the property being located in Pueblo, Diane had a
hard time locating a lender who would make the loan. For The Investor’s Source,
Pueblo was not an issue, as we make loans all over the state. As far as being a
new investor, that was not a problem either as we work with investors of all
experience levels. Diane, however, was smart and partnered up with an
experienced investor and real estate agent who she knew could help her with all
of the details of a flip. We made the loan and the partners are already moving
ahead with getting this property into top condition to sell it quickly for a nice

Silverberry, Lafayette

Our Borrower came to us needing a business loan, as his summer camp was
about to move into full swing and he needed marketing dollars quickly! Though
we do not make business loans per se, the Borrower owned a rental property with
good equity so that made the loan feasible. However, a typical 4 to 6 week bank
closing time was not going to work. The Investor’s Source streamlined the loan
process and, with great cooperation from the Borrower, was able to close the
loan in one week. We will do everything in our means to get you the funds you
need – when you need them!

Wild Plum, Loveland

Our Borrower needed a $30K loan to finish up repairs on a property he was going to flip.
He knew that most banks, private and hard money lenders tend not to make loans less
than $50K and even fewer who will make these loans in a 2nd deed of trust position. The
Investor’s Source was willing to make the loan since there was plenty of equity in the
property and even gave the Borrower a break on points and interest rate since we had
done successful loans with him before.

Baker Street Longmont 

One of our steady customers needed funding to
purchase a Note at a discount to either sell or foreclose on. As he wouldn’t own
the property but just the paper, we couldn’t use the property as collateral. So we
agreed to lend on the Note (and Deed of Trust) itself as the collateral! As it turned
out, we wound up lending him most of the funds he needed for the Note purchase
using another property he owned free and clear as collateral. But now, we can
still use the Note itself as collateral for other deals he is looking to make.

John & David – E Lake – Fort Collins
Our Borrowers purchased a good-condition property in central Fort Collins, all cash.
They then came to us for the rehab funds, secured by the equity in the property. It was an
easy deal for us to fund, as there was plenty of equity, and it also allowed the Borrowers to
get their foot in the door with us – thereby making future loans that much easier and faster
to fund. The rehab is expected to take 3-4 months with the loan paid back shortly thereafter.
To make the loan as painfree as possible in the wallet, we escrowed 6 months of interest
payments which should carry them comfortably through the loan term.

Sheree – Cty Rd 78 – Severance
The Borrower called us mid-day Wednesday needing to close a cash-out refinance loan by the
very next day! After being literally laughed at or hung up on by most lenders she called, The
Investor’s Source worked for the next 24 hrs to get the loan funded – and fund it we did! The
property used as collateral was a 5-acre parcel she owned in Severance that was already under
contract to be sold 2-weeks later, so a solid exit strategy was in place – and the selling price was
over two times the loan amount so the loan to value was low. She also used her primary
residence as additional collateral, making the security that much stronger. With these favorable
factors in place, the Investor’s Source used a common sense approach to determine that the loan
made sense. While 1-day closes are not something The Investor’s Source does every day – we will
work with you to move as quickly as possible to get your deals funded!

Jacob – Horse Mtn - Livermore

This was a construction loan in a small town north of Fort Collins. The original
house burnt down in a fire a few years back. The Borrower approached numerous
banks for a construction loan, and, though he had good credit and reserves, was
turned down time and again due to the property being located in a mountain town
and for other quirky reasons.
The Investor’s Source LLC saw a solid deal, solid borrower and solid general
contractor and made the loan. The house is currently being built and should be
completed within 4 months, with a take-out permanent loan already approved by
a local bank.


Torrey – Whitehead – Grand Junction

The Borrower is using a short-term hard money loan from The Investor’s Source LLC to purchase a
rental property. A frequent borrower of ours, he borrowed both the purchase price and rehab
funds and completed the rehab within weeks and already has it rented and cash flowing. It will
cash flow even stronger upon completion of his refinance with a traditional bank. Why not go
directly to the bank from the get-go? Answer: They weren’t going to lend on the distressed
property. But now that it is rehabbed, they will provide the long-term funding he needs.

Stacie – Centennial property

Our Borrower lives out of state and called us for a loan for a distressed property in a hot Denver neighborhood – needing to close fast! The seller was about to lose their home to foreclosure and had a deadline of one week to close. Funds were needed to purchase the property with the Borrower supplying the rehab funds. We ran the numbers, did a quick property visit and closed in exactly 1 week – giving the seller the funds they otherwise would not have gotten and allowing our Borrower to buy a profitable property to fix and flip.

Bill & Bobbi – Grand Junction property
The Borrowers came to us for 100% fix and flip funding in Grand Junction – all the way out on the western slope of Colorado. While many investors assume that 100% funding is a myth and that hard money funding outside the Front Range is non-existent, The Investor’s Source came through and got the deal done. While the investors did need to come to closing with a few thousand dollars, 100% of the rehab was funded and funding in Grand Junction did not pose a problem The Borrowers are now well on their way to completing the rehab and should have the property on the market within a month or two.


2100 Road Delta, CO

Investment Rental

Rental property loan for a purchase and minor rehab of manufactured home in Delta, CO about 1/2 hour southeast of Grand Junction.  Large property with 3 RV hook ups included.  When RV and Manufactured home are rented, income could be up to 1600.00


County Road 15, Las Animas, CO

Single Family Residence - Fix & Flip 

Refinance loan for a fix and flip of a single family residence in Las Animas, CO a remote town 15 minutes east of Lajunta.  The borrowers is an experiences contractor who owns the subject property outright. He uses slower business months to work on his investments



W. 95th Avenue, Westminster, CO

Single Family Residence - Fix and Flip

 Even though this Westminster home had been partially updated, including the kitchen and flooring, our experienced investor saw value in finishing the basement (adding two bedrooms) along with completing the upstairs rehab. The Investor’s Source agreed that the additional living space should make this home very attractive to potential buyers in this highly sought-after neighborhood.

 Lincoln St., Craig, Co

Single Family Residence - Fix and Flip

Two enthusiastic couples are pooling their talents and resources to transform a simple ranch house on a half-acre lot in Craig into a completely remodeled 4-bedroom, 2-bath home, with the help of Colorado hard money funding from The Investor’s Source LLC. Plans include turning two of the existing bedrooms into a master suite, as well as finishing the basement – making this an ideal family home.

Krameria St., Denver, CO

Single Family Residence - Fix and Flip

The borrower was looking to purchase a 1946 brick home in a desirable Denver neighborhood from a family member, who lived in the house until very recently.The Investor’s Source LLC loaned him the purchase price and the $80,000 in rehab funds needed to make the necessary upgrades and improvements. Factoring in the location, the basic charm of the home and the upgrades, we believe the borrower can expect tosee a significant profit upon sale of the property.

   Cedar Street Properties, Windsor, CO                                                                       
Six Properties on Lakefront Lot - Fix and Flip                                      

The investors purchased a package of six properties on Windsor Lake, which included four single family residences, a fourplex,and an empty lot. The Investor’s Source funded the purchase and rehab. The successful sale of the existing buildings has provided the investors capital to develop the empty lot, with plans for a fourplex and two duplexes.


 Rood Avenue, Grand Junction, CO

Single Family Residence - New Construction

The investor had purchased the lot, had the plans and permits in place, and the concrete work was underway, and needed a construction loan for completion of the project. The Investor’s Source, recognizing the potential value of the property, was able to fund the project within a time period that allowed the investor to adhere to his original construction schedule.


 41st Avenue E., Greeley, CO

Single Family Residence - Fix and flip

Upon relocating to Colorado, the investor was eager to apply his contracting expertise to fix and flip properties but having  challenges obtaining conventional financing.  After determining that the investor had the vision and ability to renovate the home he had under contract, The Investor’s Source LLC funded the purchase and rehab with a Colorado hard money loan.  The house sold four months after closing after only a few weeks on the market - for almost $40K over the appraised after repair value.


Chipeta Court, Clifton, CO

Four-Plex - Buy and Hold

The investors were enthusiastic and had done their homework, but were just getting started in real estate investing.  Also, the targeted four-plex was outside the Front Range.  They understood that managing a property long distance had its challenges but felt strongly about the deal. The Investor’s Source LLC recognized that the property had a solid rental history and would provide immediate cash flow - a positive start to the investors’ investment portfolio – and funded the purchase with a 24-month loan. 


S. Broadway, Penrose, CO

Single Family Residence with “Accessory Building” - Buy and Hold

The investors found a property that included a bungalow and cottage, both in turnkey condition with renters interested in both dwellings and a value well over the purchase price. Since the estimated rents provided a positive cash flow. The Investor’s Source LLC was happy to fund this deal with a 24-month loan – plenty of time to refinance down the road.  The borrowers are now well on their way to building an investment portfolio that should provide long-term cash flow and security.


Tijeras Drive, Colorado City, CO

Single Family Residence - Fix and flip

The investors had had credit issues.  However, they were demonstrating sound judgment in their current financial dealings, and felt that a good way to rebuild their wealth was through real estate investing.  The Investor’s Source LLC helped them toward achieving their goals by arranging financing and rehab funds for a single family residence that needed some basic TLC. The house has been successfully refurbished according to plan and is ready to go on the market.


E. Emma St, Boulder, CO

Fourplex - Refinance

The investors had purchased the property with an owner-carry short-term loan, needed to refinance but were not yet in position for bank financing. They did not want to lose the cash flowing property. They were also having difficulty finding a hard-money lender to provide a refinance of longer than 6-9 months. The Investor’s Source LLC stepped in and refinanced the Colorado hard money loan for three years – enough time for the investors to rebuild their credit for a bank refinance down the road.