Investor's Source Everyday Rates & Terms 

 ***Front Range Special

For all deals in the Front Range of Colorado (Fort Collins through Colorado Springs), bring 10% to the closing table

and get our super-competitive loan rate of 3 points and 12% interest! Contact us for details.

Program:            Fix & Flip & Construction Loans 

ARV:                        70%

Term:                    6 months plus 3 month paid extension

Origination Fee:  4 points.  Minimum $3000. (5 points, minimum $3500 outside the Front Range)

Interest Rate:      12 to 14%

Prepay Penalty:   None 


Program:           Rental Property Capital Preservation & Wealth Builder Programs

ARV:                     70%

Term:                    12 months

Origination Fee:  4 points  Minimum $3000. (5 points, minimum $3500 outside the Front Range)

Interest Rate:       1st position - 12%    

Prepay Penalty:    None

Program:           Non – Recourse Loans (For qualified retirement accounts)

Terms:                  Same as above programs except add 1% to the interest rate 


Program:           Transactional Financing/Flash Cash (Colorado and Wyoming ONLY)

Term:                     Must be same day double close

Origination Fee:   Transactional funds up to $300K - 2 Points ($2500 Minimum)

                              Transactional funds over $300K - 3 Points 


If your particular deal doesn’t fit into our loan structure, feel free to contact us to discuss other options.

Loan Amount: Up to 100% of the purchase price, rehab and closing costs on improved, non- owner-occupied real property with a maximum loan to appraised ARV (after repair value) of 70%. Up to 50% ARV on land and/or purged mobile homes. We can do bridge loans for owner-occupied real property using a lease/purchase agreement. Call us for details.

Collateral: First deed of trust on non-owner occupied real estate including commercial.

Borrower Requirements: Quick Form Loan Application & Purchase Contract. No other docs for loan pre-approval.  For final loan approval: appraisal in most cases. personal financial statement and documentation, proof of income, 2 years tax returns, 2 months bank statements & credit report.

Lead Time: 7 -10 business days from the time all paperwork is submitted including the appraisal report. We can fund in fewer than 7 business days. (Add 1 origination point).

Fill out an application or Contact The Investor’s Source LLC today for a hard-money loan for your short-term borrowing needs!