Real Estate Investing Dictionary

Real Estate Loan

A real estate loan is made to developers who are looking to build commercial real estate properties and need help funding the project. The Investor’s Source specializes in funding real estate loans through hard money lending, our Private Lending Fund, or trust deed investing. For borrowers as well as investors, The Investor’s Source provides high-quality deals that provide high returns for investors and fast, ample funding for borrowers.

I’m a borrower - what are my real estate loan options?

The Investor’s Source provides many options for real estate loans that could be a perfect fit for your commercial real estate goals. Some options for real estate loans include:

  • Fix & Flip Loan
  • Construction Loan
  • Land Entitlement & Development Loan
  • Buy & Hold Loan
  • Bridge Loan & Refinance
  • Transactional Funding


If you’re interested in applying for a real estate loan with The Investor’s Source, you can learn more about our loan programs or find the steps to apply here.

I’m an investor - what Are My Options with Real Estate Investing?

When you become a real estate investor with The Investor’s Source, you have the option to invest through hard money loans, private lending with our fund, or trust deed investing. Each option offers its own advantages and opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about these options and which one might benefit you the most, please call us to talk to one of our investment experts about your questions!