Success Stories
Care, professionalism and ethics

"We just finished closing on our property and it went so smoothly! You also received very high praise from the title company – they were so impressed with your attention to detail, and said they’d never worked with anyone as professional as you. We don’t have a lot of experience in this but we’re impressed with your care, professionalism and ethics. We can’t thank you enough for all your help!" 

Elizabeth C.,  Real Estate Investor

Success Stories
I would not hesitate to recommend them

"In today's lending world, it's tough for many segments of the population. Having just moved from out of state, and although in the same industry for many years, banks considered me self-employed with no documentable income. David & Shari took my situation and came up with solutions, presented them to us on how they might work, and were always upfront and honest on particular details of the loan. They worked diligently with the REO department of the bank we purchased our property from, and succeeded in closing on time despite many logistical challenges. I would not hesitate recommending them for any hard-money loan requirements you might have in the future!" 

Dan B,  Real Estate Investor

Success Stories
Positive and professional

"My experience using The Investor's Source and David Goldberg to fund short-term real estate investments has been positive and professional. I would recommend adding them to your short list of alternate finance sources." 

Joe R.,  Real Estate Investor

Success Stories
Wonderful to work with!

"The Investor’s Source was wonderful to work with! They processed everything very quickly and efficiently, were always easy to get ahold of, and always had the answers to our questions. We were very happy with every aspect of our transaction and our relationship with The Investor’s Source. David and Shari were very professional, thorough, and helpful on every aspect of the process. We definitely plan to work with The Investor’s Source LLC again! " 

Howard & Betsy Z.  

Success Stories
True 100% funding at a competitive rate.

"As an investor, I have dealt with several lenders but only The Investor's Source showed the flexibility to make their loan work for everyone. While other lenders claim to have great rates, they offer smaller loans. Not only did Dave and Shari offer TRUE 100% funding, they did so at a very competitive rate. They were also able to roll 6 months of interest into the loan. Shari and Dave provided the best lending experience and they are my go-to choice for ALL of my deals. I won't even consider anyone else. " 

David K., Real Estate Investor  

Success Stories
Help for a first-time Borrower

"My deal never would have happened without The Investor’s Source. The help David and Shari offered in understanding the process, the questions they asked, and the answers they shared helped a first-time borrower like me immensely. I mostly appreciate the patience they had with me on this project. I can’t thank them enough." 

Maria C.  

Success Stories
A Viable Investment

"When looking for “hard money” funds for financing an apartment building, we had several interactions with lenders. The careful and analytical style of The Investor’s Source indicated that they were interested in making sure that both of us were making a viable investment. They felt like a partner throughout the entire process." 

Jim S.,  Real Estate Investor

Organized and helpful

"The Investor's Source was great to work with. They were very organized and helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend them to any professional real estate investor who needs a hard money loan." 

John R., Real Estate Investor  

Success Stories
. . . .gave us a chance when others may not have been willing to.

"For anyone wanting to get into the fix & flip business, one of the biggest obstacles can be financing - especially for everyday folks like us. Thanks to the Investor’s Source, we found a solution! Dave and Shari worked diligently to make our venture a reality, giving us a chance when others may not have been willing to. Without their hard work on a difficult closing due to title company issues, we may not have even met the closing date, but Dave made sure all was done in time and it worked out as scheduled. Oh! We purchased our fixer-upper for $77,000 and it sold for $196,000!" 

Dean and Diane D., Real Estate Investors