The Loan Process

Step 1 -   If you need a Proof of Funds letter to make an offer, fill out the Quick Loan Application and check the “Proof of Funds Letter Required” box and send the minimum required documentation.


Step 2 - Though not required, in most cases a property inspection is highly recommended. 


Step 3 - Fill out our Quick Loan Application and submit to us along with the signed purchase contract (and a rehab budget if applicable). You and the seller should also agree upon a title/closing company or we can recommend one.  


Step 4 - Once a final price and repairs by the seller are agreed upon, send us the signed Inspection Resolution form.


Step 5 - The sooner the appraisal is completed, the sooner we can close. You may use any licensed appraiser.


Step 6 – Along with a conditional (pending appraisal) pre-approval decision, you will receive a thorough “deal analysis” and “cash-to-close estimate”.


Step 7 – Have the appraiser submit a copy of the appraisal report to us.


Step 8 – Final pre-approval  will be given, and the cash-to-close and deal analysis numbers will be recalculated, using the appraised value.


Step 9 –At the property visit we will sign a “Letter of Engagement” specifying the terms of working together and collect a $350 origination deposit.


Step 10 –We will need a personal financial statement along with supporting documentation. 


Step 11 –All closing documents will be prepared and distributed to you in advance of closing for your approval.  You will need to arrange for property insurance.


Step 12 –Sign all documents and take deed to the property. 


Step 13 – Return to step one.

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